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Establishment History

When the school was upgraded to the Tainan University of Technology in 2006, the College of Management was also founded. Currently, the College of Management encompasses a Graduate Institute of International Business Management, four undergraduate departments including  International Business Management, Finance, Information Management, Business Administration, and a Bachelor’s Degree Program of Micro-Entrepreneurship. There are 46 faculty members and approximately 2000 enrolled students in College of Management.

Development Features

1. The College of Management aims at cultivating students’ human culture as well as their international viewpoint and making them competitive and creative after graduation based on the professional development.


2. The College of Management aims at cultivating students as the useful human resources in local traditional industry, high technology industry, service industry, circulation industry, and culture creation industry based on the business management.


3. The College of Management keeps encouraging the college teachers to get various certificates, attend different seminars, get more practical experiences, cooperate with the government and industry, and establish professional studying groups.


4. The College of Management encouraged the branch departments to set up both degree programs in Business In-Service Program and International Program, cooperate and contract with industry, apply for the projects from the Education Ministry.


The College of Management provides programs to meet market needs, and a diverse curriculum designed to develop the professional knowledge and competency required by the onset of the knowledge-based economy. All programs within the college are designed to conform with the Integration of Professional, Holistic Education, Innovation Management, Practical Application, and Internationalization (IHIPI).



Through a superior environment of “cradle of creativity and palace of humanism”, the College of Management strives to construct competitive and culturally - creative characteristics to develop managing leaders who have quality of humanism, international vision, and creativity in an era of knowledge economy.

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